Printed Keyrings – Colour Matching

Due to differences in printing techniques, machine types, ink manufacturers and a host of other variables, we never promise an exact match to any particular colour. However, there are a number of methods we employ to control colour and to give you a result we believe you will be very happy with.

One method is for us both to agree on Pantone colours in which to print your job. Pantone is an international colour matching system supported by almost all printing firms and many desktop design programmes. If you specify a Pantone colour for a job we will be able to produce a good match to it, although we cannot guarantee a perfect match as we will be reproducing this colour from four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

We will always send an electronic proof of your artwork before printing which for most clients is sufficient. Colours do look different on monitors (and between monitors) to the way they do on paper and because of this we can, at your request, send you a printed proof for your final approval.

To summarise, if it is very important to you to get a close match to a particular colour then we will be able to help you, especially if you are choosing Pantone colours.