Printed Keyrings

In order to make sure your customers remember you, you need to find a way of putting your brand in front of them day after day. Media advertising van be very hit and miss in this respect and quite often an expensive advert is only seen on a limited number of occasions by a prospective customer.

A far better way to get your name lodged in the minds of customers and prospects is by giving them something they will use every day. Imprint it with your logo or message, and every time it’s used, your ‘advertising’ campaign will swing into action.

The benefits of this handy and compact little gift are vast. Keyrings are:

Extremely handy – everyone has at least one set of keys, if not several, and for each bunch they will need a handy keyring such as a plastic promotional keyring, to keep them all together and to identify each set from the next – or from someone else’s!

Used by everyone – men and women, the old and the young; people from all walks of life have a use for a keyring which means they are suitable for a wide ranging target audience.

Easily personalised – keyrings are available in so many different sizes and styles, so whatever information you want to deliver to your customers, whether it’s a website address or a sales slogan, it is possible to print virtually anything you wish. They are also extremely low cost- have a look at our cheap keyring selection.

Highly versatile – keyrings can be used to promote a business regardless of its industry. Because you can choose from an array of designs, you will always find something to suit both your target audience and your business type. From novelty to executive styles; from models incorporating handy gadgets like pens and torches, to plain but functional versions in leather, plastic or metal, the humble keyring makes the perfect advertising giveaway. For the environmentally conscious, try our range of promotional recycled keyrings.